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Erin Rivers
Assistant Dir. Marketing & Creative Services
Webster University

In the time I’ve worked with her, she has contributed greatly to the University with her expertise in copywriting and editing in addition to project management and voice over for radio and podcast. She is a pleasure to work with and her dedication to detail and commitment to her work makes her an outstanding communication professional.


John Costello
Director of Marketing & Creative Services
Webster University

Her willingness to learn and take on new responsibilities is something to be desired in any professional. I've seen her not only excel at the core elements of her job -- like copywriting and copyediting -- but also learn other tasks that extend well beyond the scope of her role, like providing voice over work for our podcasts and radio spots.


Rick Rockwell
Former Chief Communications Officer Webster University

Marie Eide

She was a serious member of our working community and someone who contributed during the pandemic.
She was highly involved in voice work for us in a variety of areas: podcast production and commercial production. She worked on a regular basis on the Webster University podcast known as the Webster World Report. She contributed to writing the news, conducting interviews, and being the news anchor from 2020 through 2021. She also helped with story idea generation, producing transcripts, and other pre-production and post-production needs. In
addition, she worked with our advertising and creative services team to produce some radio advertisements for Webster, primarily providing the voice-over expertise for these commercials.


ln a short time, she has becoming my right hand in leadership. ln addition to being an excellent writer, interviewer and strategist, she handles the nuts and bolts of a demanding production schedule with ease: creating meeting agendas, researching and supplying guest interview questions, and keeping everyone on the team informed - no smallfeat when most people are working remotely. She is one of those rare people who knows what you need - before you know you need it. For example, she had the foresight to create a closer for the talk show that cross-promotes a podcast with a similar audience and began tracking KPls.


Kat Hanner
Freelance Strategic Development

 In my time at Webster University working with the Global Marketing and Communications team, I've mentored and directed many students. However, there are only a handful of students who stand out from the crowd. 

She is able to independently and thoughtfully move a project from inception to delivery. Having a well rounded background myself, I understand how refreshing and important it is to work 

individuals with a breadth of knowledge. So, I definitely recommend including her on your next project.

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